Transition Set on Keynote for Mac users

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This is a set of 8 transitions I created on Keynote.

If you’re an iMovie (Apple's free video editing software) user like me you have probably noticed that it doesn’t allow transition plugins. And iMovie’s own transitions are kind of—lame.

So I went ahead and created these transitions on Keynote (the Powerpoint equivalent on Apple products).

If you have a Mac and you have Keynote on it (it’s free to download on App Store) these transitions are for you. You can download the file, customize texts and colors and export these transitions in movie format. You can then use them in any video editing software, including iMovie, as a cutaway.

Important (1): Your MacOS should be 11.0 or newer to be able to download Keynote. Important (2): Keynote can’t export files in movie format if you use it on iOS.

So you must have (at least) MacOS 11.0 on your Mac for these transitions to work for you.


You'll receive the file with the dummy texts you see on the video. Feel free to change the content, font, font size, color or style of these texts. Make sure animations remain unchanged for the transitions to work the same way you see them on the video.

You can freely customize the styles of color boards as well. Make sure you understand how many layers of color boards there are on a particular slide to be able to customize them all.

If you want to customize the images (such as the lamp icon) you'll have to dig into the animation settings and set the same animations in the same order I set them for the image you pick.

Hint: You can also copy the animation of a particular object (text, image) and paste it to a new one. Make sure the animation orders go back to the same way I made them though, as this action does not ensure that transitions will remain in the same order. It will just paste the same types of animations with same durations from one object to another. The overall harmony of the entire slide might get broken so you'll need to fix it.

How to export your transitions as a movie

Check for transparent backgrounds: Make sure all slides have transparent background. I already made them that way. Make sure they still have transparent backgrounds after your customization.

Export: Export > Movie > Playback: self playing > All slides > Go to next slide after: 1 second > Next build after: 0 seconds > Resolution: Custom: 1920 x 1080 px > Compression type: Apple ProRes 4444 > Transparent background: check

Hint: You can set “go to next slide” to as many second as you like but 1 second would be enough because you’ll be able to make cuts once you import the movie to your video editing software.

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A set of 8 transitions on a Keynote file

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Transition Set on Keynote for Mac users

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